Master Stylist
Manhattan West

Kristy's Hours:
Wednesdays & Fridays


Kristy is one of our most soft-spoken stylists, but she’s brimming with enthusiasm for her trade, and it shows; she travels in from upstate New York to Soon daily! She really enjoys cutting hair, especially to create a great men’s cut that works with the client’s natural texture for an effortlessly well-kept look. In addition to her skills as a stylist, Kristy also is a makeup artist and is happy to create new looks for special occasions. When she isn’t in the salon, Kristy is oftentimes found reading, catching up on Parks and Recreation or taking dance classes.

Kristy's Work

Kristy's Pricing


Kid’s Haircuts (12 & under) 

In Between Trims


Blow-dry with Iron

Single Process Retouch

Single Process Refresh

Double Process Retouch

Virgin Double Process

Mini Highlighting

Partial Highlighting

Half Head Highlighting

Full Head Highlighting

Balayage Highlights
$20% additional charge

Additional Services

Olaplex Bond Multiplier

Deep Conditioning

Special Event Styling & Makeup
Pricing With Consultation